Peony Flower Meditation

This is a meditation in exploration of the body, senses and nature. Today we are utilizing every tool a witch can use in hopes of enhancing their skill as well as bringing balance and harmony to your being. In drawing on each sense as well as engaging the seven chakras, we are reconnecting our energy... Continue Reading →

Immune Boosting Juice Cleanse

Healthy Eating is Healing Magic at its Finest. Starting the day right with this wonderful colon cleansing juice is the best way to keep on a healthy track and continue positive healing. This recipe may not look too wonderful but I’ll tell you it is as delicious as it is healing. Full of vitamins to... Continue Reading →

Pink Moon- Spring Rejuvenation.

In this time we convert energy into creating and producing; return balance to the nerves. We Change, creating self-confidence, self-reliance, taking advantage of opportunities. It is a time to Work on temper and emotional flare-ups and selfishness. The pink moon is a time for healing. Dance beneath it and cleanse your soul.

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