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  • Herbs, from Green Craft to Kitchen Craft - Lately I have been thinking a lot about kitchen craft, and all the ways we can impart healing energy and magic directly into our bodies with what we cook and consume. Just like crystals , herbs can carry earthly energies and as I have been connecting with the ones in my backyard garden , I have been noticing and extra vibrancy in my healing practices that only... Continue Reading →
  • Zucchini; garden abundance from the heart - I am so excited to show off some green garden abundance today!! Check out this giant zucchini that grew in my secret garden! This baby is the size of a baby, and the third place zucchini of the bunch! They just grew so large this year! I just love the feeling and health benefits that... Continue Reading →
  • A celebration of the Autumn Harvest to come - The fall harvest is coming!!! As the summer is winding to the end of its road, I am noticing the amazing autumn harvest bounty that seems to be thriving this year. This summer has brought mild temperatures to Vancouver and a good amount of rain. Thanks to that, this resulted in a lot less forest... Continue Reading →
  • The Healing Power of Sage - Hello my loves!! Today I would like to talk about the healing power of sage, and the extra force that comes when we grow our own harvests. I have been lucky enough to harvest some from a very special garden grown by a large amount of people I care for. This community garden is a hidden one, and is grown by... Continue Reading →
  • Kitchen Witchcraft- The Healing Magic of Food and Good Intensions - Today is a baking Magic day for me.

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