Herbs, from Green Craft to Kitchen Craft

Lately I have been thinking a lot about kitchen craft, and all the ways we can impart healing energy and magic directly into our bodies with what we cook and consume. Just like crystals , herbs can carry earthly energies and as I have been connecting with the ones in my backyard garden , I have been noticing and extra vibrancy in my healing practices that only a living plant can carry.

When he honour our harvest , whether it be through drying and mindful storage, creating infusions like in these amazing bottles, or using it in body care products, plants provide amazing properties that bring us all sorts of good vibes .

This is an idea I have adopted when it comes to cooking . It’s so easy in this modern world to eat out, and buy already made meals, especially when we live in places that don’t even offer kitchens. When it comes to food, society has been stripping us of our connection, providing us with quick stimulation diets much like the pharmaceutical companies when it comes to coping with emotion. We become bombarded with trend, look this way, be thin, be curvy, wear this, be pretty, adding to the confusion and chaos that is our own mental and physical health.

When we can slow down, and not only connect with the nature outside, but the natural world within our bodies, we can become our number one best healers . When we reconnect with our nutrition , starting first in the garden with growth, harvest, and then moving into the kitchen to craft meals full of love, care, and vibrancy, I have found self care and health become the forefront of my diet . This has become my sweet zone , the zone where every ounce of effort does not go to waste, results are seen on the daily, and my heart is singing with happiness not only at my choices but at the things I can create for myself and loved ones.

A practice in the always changing states of health in ourselves and loved ones, humility and humbleness that our creation is not everlasting once consumed, as well as an art form that is purely shared with yourself and the ones you love. Kitchen craft is a healing practice that truly combines your being with this beautiful planet earth we call home. 

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