Zucchini; garden abundance from the heart

I am so excited to show off some green garden abundance today!!

Check out this giant zucchini that grew in my secret garden! This baby is the size of a baby, and the third place zucchini of the bunch! They just grew so large this year!

I just love the feeling and health benefits that come from growing your own food. When we put our love and energy into plants, especially those we eat, we gain knowledge, respect for the planet, and respect for our bodies. As I work to grow these friends, my place on this planet grows more and more significant. As if I am directly a part of the healing process.

Zucchini radiates a soft green energy that heals the heart chakra. A garden beauty full of feminine energy born from the womb of its golden flowers, zucchini holds powerful vibrations said to help with fertility and love. Much like a mothers touch, the soft flesh of this beautiful squash brings heart healthy healing energy from earth to your kitchen witchery.

Full of vitamins, zucchini is particularly high in potassium as well as magnesium, which are known in combination to lower blood pressure and reduce risk of heart complications. Pack loaded with anti inflammatory and antioxidants as well as tons of fibre, zucchini is a lovely green way to stay healthy, vitalized, and youthful.

I am especially excited about this garden gem as it became 76th birthday chocolate cupcakes made with buttercream icing. These cupcakes are to celebrate one of the most lovely and exciting people I have met in my time, as well as an optimal garden hand. This person has taught me the power in healing, light work and green craft, and inspired me 3 years ago to explore my empathic side. She has taught me so much about myself and helped me to see my healers path more clearly. In making these cupcakes out of growth that we both had a hand in creating, I whip together the ultimate in healing magic. It’s amazing what can come from a little earthly connection.

Check out my cupcakes and recipe at Healing Recipes!

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