The Seven Energy Centres of Green Craft

As we embark on our journeys through the green crafting world, it is important to focus our energies and find organic healing by embracing all the vibrations Mother Earth has to offer. By exploring and balancing these energy centres within ourselves, we create a powerful connection with our natural selves and the world we live in.

The Seven Energy Centres in green craft are here to help guide us in our path as we reconnect to that witchy spirit within ourselves. Reawaken your beginnings and lets explore them together!


Harmony is when all things in life are balanced. This is the main goal of all green craft, and as you find a balance in the other six energy centres, you will find harmony comes flooding into your life to create a happy flow of life’s happenings. Green Craft allows one to find acceptance in all sides of your being, and finding harmony in your life means accepting every aspect of one’s self, the light and the dark. In green craft we acknowledge and embrace all sides of life, and in this we find a natural balance to the earthly physical world as well as the spiritual one. When your personal energies are balanced and all in tune with nature, you will find harmony within yourself.


Learning to listen to your body is a skill that has been stripped from many of us over time by governments and religion through colonization of the entire world for centuries. Many of those who held onto their ability to connect with their own energy and the natural world around them lived out their lives in hiding, without passing on their teachings and living in fear of persecution. As we work to reverse these affects of the blind guidance of others, we must first learn to listen to our bodies and to re-engage with our energy centres.

Our health is so much affected by the world around us. Stress and anxiety from external factors begins to foster itself within our bodies and creates a mess of physical ailments that can manifest into fruition. By learning to listen to our self guidance tools and creating happy, safe boundaries for ourselves, we can learn to control those factors that can cause so much damage. Listen to your gut, and understand the messages sent. When you do, you will find your body shows you a world of self healing all the way from your physical to your mental health.


Love seems to be the be all end all goal that is promoted throughout much of society. Find it, flaunt it, live for it. Without it society tells you, you are alone, depressed, and that you need it to get by in life. Even our governments tell us that “proper” living style requires you have a partner these days in order to find housing to how we are taxed.

In green craft, love has an entirely different outlook as we turn our focus back to ourselves. Love with a partner can be a wonderful and exciting thing, but when you foster a true loving relationship with yourself first, you will find that all areas of love are enhanced and increased. Imagine that you are your first love, providing all you need from within. Protection, care, healing, and understanding all comes from within your own being. This creates space as when we love ourselves, we hold only positivity within our hearts, allowing for love of others to fill that space. Nature seems brighter and more lush, our partners are more exciting than ever, our time is available for friends and family, and our hearts are swelling with the beauty of life.


Happiness is a journey that follows the longest road through life. This is also a concept that modern society states as the be all end all goal in life. But when we turn thoughts from happiness being a goal to achieve, we allow for the idea that happiness is a state of mind that ebbs and flows as we walk our witches path.

Happiness is like a roller coaster, and in order to find it we must embrace the ups and downs. Understanding that happiness is not a continued state of being, allows it’s presence to become more cherished and empowering than ever. Happiness is found in those tiny moments and memories, and learning to tune in to the more minute gifts of life brings a joy that continues to give and give. A laugh with a friend, the tiny new growth of a plant, the joy of others, the delicious flavours of your favourite food, finding happiness in the days smallest moments allows happiness to find anchor in your ever glowing spirit.


Peace is a term that carries with it a very broad understanding. On a world wide scale the word Peace is one that is meant to counteract an uncontrollable and violent force, and has very little foothold in the planet’s interactions with one another. Because the idea of peace can be so daunting and difficult, thinking about it like the butterfly effect can be helpful in mastering this concept in your own life.

When we are able to walk our own paths with peace, it reflects and radiates an energy that washes over others and the world that surrounds us. Learning the ways in which we find peace in our daily life, and honing in the skills and tools we use to keep peace at our centre being, we are able to walk forth and bring peace to others. This is how we spread the message of true peace in the world.


Abundance is a gift that offers security in one’s life. When we look to the pyramid of needs, we are able to see the healing and learning that can take place when one’s needs are being met. When we have an abundance, we are able to foster all areas of the seven energy centres for ourselves, and even share this healing with those we love.

Abundance also encompasses creation. Like the peach blossom becoming that beautiful womb of soft, juicy flesh, an abundance of healthy vitality created in order to spread the tree’s seed. Abundance is the concept of Mother Earth providing to it’s life creation, saying there is a wealth to be explored and I will provide it so that you,my child, can grow.


Protection is a tool that also fosters growth in one’s being. When we feel safe and secure, we are able to express our truest selves, and explore our deepest desires. By finding a space where we feel protected in our day to day lives, we are able to explore the world without fear and without judgement. This is when we can look at the world with our clearest vision, allowing our path in this world to form ahead with profound purpose.

As we work in our craft, and individualize our witchy practices, we begin to discover our divine purpose. Practicing with a focus on these Seven Energy Centres opens up every door of exploration with ourselves so that we can find our true purpose from this life to the next. Reconnect with those tools within you, and find a balance of the Seven Energy Centres in your spells, meditations and healing practices for an easy flow to your life and green witch practice.

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