Green Light Energy, a Healing Enrichment Fertilizer.

Green light radiating positive energy into my home is like a delight of the soul and the senses!

Often there is talk about white light and how this can be cleansing, but today I want to talk about the power of natural green light. Every day at about 5pm the sun hits my window giving my plants a beam of light in order for them to photosynthesize and grow healthy and strong. Every day at this time my little kitty moves herself to this room to bask in the green light. Often I lay beside her, playing with her toys or brushing her fur. This is a time where we soak in all the green goodness energy, as if photosynthesizing ourselves.

Light energy is a fairly new emerging concept within modern society, but has been explored by the witchy spiritualist for hundreds of years. We use light in many ways through our lives to impart certain emotions and energies, and learning to be aware can help us to connect and control our energy vibrations. There are many settings where light energy plays a role in your day to day lives, like setting the mood beside a cozy firelight with your loved one, to the bright and clinical lighting of hospitals or schools for focus, to even the concert lights that flash, disorient and excite the spirit to enhance the experience. All energy plays it’s role in our lives and bodies, and understanding how you experience these can be a useful tool in guiding your emotional connection to the world around you.

If you are a nature lover then you’ll surely know the power of wonderful green energy. Finding green space brings peace and harmony back into our beings. Whether we spend time beneath the tree tops, put a little work in the garden, or even just soaking up a few rays on your favourite park bench, we are engaging with the natural planet, and reconnecting with a power higher than ourselves. It replenishes us, and feeds the soul, as those beams of sunlight dance between the leaves of green, casting shadows and displays golden rays that tickle our delight.

I imagine my skin taking in the energy of the sun as my plants, and my cells turn this into soul food. As I lay with my babe, we watch the sun move across the room, cleansing the energy around us with its radiant positivity, creating space for growth. The home is like a pot of soil, and I am the plant within. And just as I care for my plants with water, nourishment and sunlight, I must care for myself just the same.

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