A celebration of the Autumn Harvest to come

The fall harvest is coming!!!

As the summer is winding to the end of its road, I am noticing the amazing autumn harvest bounty that seems to be thriving this year.

This summer has brought mild temperatures to Vancouver and a good amount of rain. Thanks to that, this resulted in a lot less forest fires for BC, meaning less toxins and heavy metals in the air to impart themselves on our fruits and vegetables, as well as in our lungs. I feel this calls for a little thankful celebration of Mother Nature for the exciting harvest ahead.

A symbol of the fall to come, a late summer image of crisp air and cozy days. Apples hold energies of healthy, longevity and love. Birthed from an apple blossom, to become the womb that carries it’s seed, apples also represent fertility and feminine spirit within the earth. Like a divine gift from Mother Nature herself, the apple is an image of protection.

When I see these lovelies growing so beautifully, I can’t help but be filled with childhood nostalgia, picking the apples with my grandmother on thanksgiving day to become an apple crisp so delicious with a mother’s warmth and love. Like the apple tree that grew in my father’s backyard, these too will become a beautiful dessert to share with loved ones.

Today I give thanks for the bounty to come, knowing nature is providing me with the healing energy needed to fuel my friends and family through the winter!

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