Wild Craft- The beginnings

Inspired by a dear friend, my journey to learn more about the ways of wild crafting is only in its beginnings. As someone who considers herself attuned to her own path, there is always the understanding that there is a darker side to life, bringing decay and rot. But in this is where we find regrowth, drawing in all the nutrients change has to offer much like a mushroom growing atop the old growth.

Wild craft is breathing new life into the darker sides of the world, honouring spirit and energy in nature whether it’s current or passed. Using bones and hides, plants and animals, all things are treated sacred and given space.

Death is something that deserves to be contemplated as it is like fertilizer to life. When we ponder death, and understand it, it makes life that much sweeter and more beautiful to know that it is fleeting. To look at death in its beauty, without fear, makes living so much more colourful, and makes me so much more present.

Death is the fertilizer to life, and in understanding this it gives life new meaning. In this we explore rebirth, and renewal. You can really change how you view something with little positivity. What was once dead and broken, is now something beautiful to be displayed and loved. Nothing is permanent when you can change your point of view.

Breathe a little beauty into your world and you will truly see the magical wild craft spirit all around you!

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