The Healing Power of Sage

Hello my loves!!

Today I would like to talk about the healing power of sage, and the extra force that comes when we grow our own harvests. I have been lucky enough to harvest some from a very special garden grown by a large amount of people I care for. This community garden is a hidden one, and is grown by people who I believe are very connected and open to this world.. almost painfully so. But the ability to show warmth and compassion always astounds me despite their struggles, which seems to make its way through their hands and into the dirt. This year the garden is thriving more than I have ever seen in my last 3 summers there, and the #cleansing energies of this sage seems to be at an all time high as well.

Harvesting just a few leaves, leaving the plant healthy and happy, this sage is a soft beauty. Burning sage is used by many cultures for cleansing the mind, body, and spirit, and in green craft this practice has remained the same. Burning sage during your new moon rituals can help to release old intentions and hang-ups, and make space for the new. But today I wanted to show you that there are also many other practices within witchcraft that utilize sage’s healing properties in a multitude of different ways.

Growing sage in your garden helps to clear other plants of negative energies brought from the industrialized plant industry, sending its cleaning vibrations through the soil to its new sisters. Using sage in your kitchencraft brings a vitamin rich flavour, acting as an anti inflammatory, helps with indigestion and even helps to reduce acne. Making an oil infusion for cooking or just eating the leaves in a salad can pack a punch of sage magic into your diet. This herb also makes a great skin salve, or facial tincture if you’re looking to walk that homecraft path, bringing homemade body care to you and your family. •
Sage is a lovely herb and holds so much magic with its cool green style. I love this plant and think of it as a mandatory garden#herb in every home grown plot! •

Do you grow or use sage in your practices?

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