Immune Boosting Juice Cleanse

Healthy Eating is Healing Magic at its Finest.

Starting the day right with this wonderful colon cleansing juice is the best way to keep on a healthy track and continue positive healing. This recipe may not look too wonderful but I’ll tell you it is as delicious as it is healing.


Full of vitamins to help when you are sick, metabolism boosting, as well as cleansing, this deep red juice is powerful. From it we gain healing energies from Mother Nature herself, passing on her positive vibes through her bountiful fruits and veggies. We take in her motherly light, beaming through our bodies as we convert it into the energy we use to explore her. We thank our Mother Earth for her gifts and sing to her that she bless us with good health and intensions. Take care to prepare your health, take time to connect with the power of nature.


3 apples
3 oranges
1 grapefruit
2 lemons
Large piece of ginger root
8-10 carrots
1 cucumber
Large bunch of parsley or cilantro
4 chunks of beet
1 bunch of celery

This recipe will make one entire pitcher of juice. Drink one glass of this every hour intermitting with a glass of water every half our in between. The water is very important with flushing out your system so make sure you get enough with the juice.

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