Kitchen Witchcraft- The Healing Magic of Food and Good Intensions

Today is a baking Magic day for me.

On my days off I spend my time working on jewels for our shop, and let me tell you sometimes it’s definitely work more than play. I’ve been searching for ways to take care of myself more like getting back into old habits.


When I was young and still living at home baking was a very big part of my hobbies. I used to throw fancy little dinner parties with the money I would earn and make show stopper desserts for my friends and family. Although this was a love of mine, my partner is not big on sweets. For this I am grateful because being that I would be the only one eating the desserts I create, it forced me to think more healthily. But as a there is always a catch, I’ve fallen away from baking.

To me, cooking and baking is a meditation. It’s where you can focus on purely caring for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you are taking the time to fill yourself with vitamins and positive energy from the earth with a healthy diet, or indulging in your heart and tongue’s desires and cravings, the kitchen is a place of self nurture as well as where we nurture our families.


Cooking for others to keep them strong, caring when their immune systems are down, and putting love into everything we make is the kind of healing magic that is visible, tangible, and delicious. Today I am indulging in my hearts desire to bake something amazing. Not yet sure of what’s to come but do not worry!! Photos are assured!

P.S If you love spending time in the kitchen, send us your photos of your beautiful and delicious creations! Food is something to be shared, even if pictures are the only mouth watering satisfaction we can get inspired by! 🙂

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