Casting Kitchen Magic: Plum Tarte with Lemon Basil Simple Syrup

This past season was ripe with plums in my life. Some would even say I went a little plum crazy with my cooking. When I examine the reason for this abundance of plummy energy, I am overcome with comfort and stability at the at the idea of a fruitful harvest to be enjoyed throughout the... Continue Reading →

Herbs, from Green Craft to Kitchen Craft

Lately I have been thinking a lot about kitchen craft, and all the ways we can impart healing energy and magic directly into our bodies with what we cook and consume. Just like crystals , herbs can carry earthly energies and as I have been connecting with the ones in my backyard garden , I have been noticing and extra vibrancy in my healing practices that only... Continue Reading →

The Seven Energy Centres of Green Craft

As we embark on our journeys through the green crafting world, it is important to focus our energies and find organic healing by embracing all the vibrations Mother Earth has to offer. By exploring and balancing these energy centres within ourselves, we create a powerful connection with our natural selves and the world we live... Continue Reading →

The Wonders of Crystal Grids

The magic of Crystal Gridding is one that brings wholeness to all your being, by drawing in moonlight to keep you motivated, and full of energy. By using crystal grids for meditation when needing a boost, and to enhance your own energies, we are able to take control of emotion and create space for manifestation.... Continue Reading →

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